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Oil and Lube

Because Oil is the Life Blood of Your Engine

During Dennis Clark’s long career as a mechanic, he’s found that one of the most common car care mistakes drivers make is not changing their engine’s oil. Eventually, this leads to costly and unexpected repair bills. At Clark’s Garage, we know that oil is the life blood of any engine, and that’s why we recommend oil and filter changes every 3500 miles. 

Your vehicle’s engine has numerous moving metallic parts, and when it’s operating, those need to be lubricated. That’s oil’s job, and after so many miles, your oil’s viscosity breaks down and it can’t lubricate those moving parts properly. Oil also collects dirt and debris, and then sludge forms, which can harm your engine. That’s why periodic oil and filter replacements are important. 

Your Engine’s Oil Also:

  • Cools down your engine’s moving parts by reducing friction
  • Improves gas mileage
  • Promotes engine longevity

Clark’s Top-Quality Oil Changes Include:

  • Checking Your Oil Level
  • Replacing the Old Oil & Filter with New
  • Checking Fluid Levels
  • A General Vehicle Inspection

The ASE-certified technicians at Clark’s Garage want you to avoid expensive repairs due to something as simple as not routinely changing your oil. When you come to our shop for an oil change, we’ll get you back out on the road quickly and reliably! 

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